Thursday, 11 October 2012

I topped the Niger seed up late this morning. All the usual visitors were around (The birds that is)including a Redpoll. The male Great Spotted Woodpecker stayed for approx 35 minutes until disturbed by some people walking on the path at mid-day.

When you walk around the reserve its worth checking out the top hay meadow where the grass has been cut. (The one with the bale of hay left on it) I have noticed lots of Jay activity there and today was no exception. I was again treated to a good view of the Green Woodpecker which was on the ground at first and then flew into a nearby tree where it stayed for some time.

At some point I wonder if it would be worth while, now we have cut the grass, to build a number of screens around the edge of the hay meadow to see what's about without disturbing them?

I checked the Hawthorn bushes for Redwings but didn't see any, just a solatary female Goosander on the river.

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Andy Kiz said...

Seems to be a favourite spot for the green woodpecker, i've flushed it just walking on the path up there a couple of times.