Thursday, 16 February 2012

RE.Recent work on west lagoon

Hi all ,Is the plan to open up this area to the General public by making a path around this side of the lagoon..??If so , surley all the cut down trees and branches etc should be on the water side stopping dogs etc attacking water birds and nesting coots,Moorhens and reed warblers.? I thibk its a great job but I would not open it up any more personally.


Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group said...

Hi Andy
The tree felling is near completion - details sent via email.

gwh said...

Hi Andy the idea is to keep out the public and make it a haven for wildlife. Viewing areas will be created at various points , we have cut the trees to try and prevent the lagoon drying out and stacked it in a way as to give habtat to such as willow tits, reed warblers, etc, and will start to manage the reeds in october with a cutting cycle over a 7 year period , all this is in response to the RSPB advice we asked for and recieved in January. yours GWH