Wednesday 22 February 2012

Feeding Station

Hi, just a few words about the feeding station I was there yesterday approx.
1 hour, dog walkers (7 in total) let their dogs chase after the birds in the area no leads.
Even saw two over by the bridge that didn`t even bother cleaning up after their dogs.
Also whilst there an elderly gent said to me that the day before he saw a youth with a Pellet gun at the feeding station but was afraid to say anything to him (understandingly so).
Hope some signs can be erected at next possible working day.


Unused said...

A pellet gun, the mentality of some people astounds me!

Signs may change the behaviour of some dog walkers but I fear that any signage put up around the feeding station will become a target for any would be Rambo.

We can but hope.

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group said...

Hi all
Just to clarify the situation. If a firearm, and that includes all air weapons, is uncovered in a public place, whether it is unloaded or not, is an offence under the Dangerous Air Weapon rules 1969. If a "soft air" gun is in use in a public place then that is also a concern. The advice given to me today by the police is always dial 999 if any weapon is in use in a public place.

Bruce said...

Hi Both Chris'
Clearly signage is important and really needs improving. If people cannot keep their dogs under control now they are not going to after April 1st either. If we see any breaking of the law re fire arms then its 999 no messing. There are lots of children about!

Unused said...

Couldn't agree more... Can I suggest that if any contact is made to the police regarding this matter that any reference number of contact details of the officers concerned are posted on here so we can refer back to them - This may be useful if there are repeat offenders.

Andrew Huyton said...

Can I just point out that on dialling 999 clearly state Firearm crime in progress and then give the rest of the details. This should get an immediate response if not then we can escalate it upto police complaints.

Brian Sumner . said...

I have 3 small dogs which often come birding with me, always on a lead and always cleaned up after them but after years of walking EGP I find I can no longer come down there if I have the dogs for fear of large and sometimes dangerous uncontrolled dogs flying around with the owners sometimes not even in sight. Unfortunately signs dont work as the reservoir perimeter path at Ogden states all dogs on a lead but no one takes any notice.
Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be an answer to this one.

charlie streets said...

I paid a visit to the reserve on Thursday morning (Feb.23rd) to carry out some field work.I soon came across two middle-aged women with around half a dozen dogs off their leads.I didn't fancy talking to a brick wall and soon left.It's understandable that people like to exercise their dogs in such nice surroundings - it's a shame they don't recognise the whole point of designating the area a reserve.Brian is right, people will exercise their dogs where they want come hell or high water.

gardenangel said...

Sickened by street burner’s comments regarding pellet gun. We are new visitors to the reserve despite being regular canal path walkers. A broken leg in November put a stop to our walking , but in February we returned , a bit of scenic physio! How lucky we felt to see the kingfisher we watched her catch and eat lunch, my grandaughter was fascinated. Two gentlemen told us of the feeding station so naturally on our return we paid it a visit. Since then we have explored the different paths in the reserve; only this morning we spotted a deer through the trees ! We returned home feeling very lucky to have such naturally vibrant place so near to home. Decided to search the web site (also recommended by the gentlemen we met !) such a pity to read the area could be spoilt by inappropriate behaviour. Hopefully we wont let that happen.
PS congrats to those who developed and look after the reserve and to the contributors of the site .

Bruce said...

Hi gardenangel
Thanks for your comments. You are very welcome to join the blog if you wish, just email me.