Monday, 20 February 2012

Creating a golden hour of my own...

Finishing work early enough to catch the last of the light isn't just the preserve of summer.  I went down to the feeding station late on this afternoon to try out an idea I'd had... The light was terrible but I used a flash!  Nothing too bright as I had it on low power together with a warm up gel and a 6 inch soft-box diffuser.  The light it put out wasn't strong enough to frighten the avian population but was strong enough to provide a simulated 'golden hour'.

 GT at the feeding station

 LTT defying gravity

 BT at the feeding station - All fluffed up for a rumble

 Lesser redpoll at the feeding station - note the striped beak

 One poser of a robin

On the way back home I thought I'd take a detour and see if the kingfisher was playing out on the canal.  Sure enough she was on a low branch near Crowther Bridge fishing.  In what could be described as gloom I managed to get the photograph below.  This was taken around 5:00 pm in failing light, I think my diffuser rig works!

Waiting for supper

Until next time.



streetburner said...

Some cracking shots with that setup, nice one keep up the good work.

Chris Latham said...

Thanks, it was me who was talking to you on Sunday down on the canal as you were setting up your tripod for the kingfisher. Just thought I'd say hello again.

Andy Kiz said...

Stunning! Im going to have to have a chat with you about how to take decent pictures!!

Chris Latham said...

I'm always happy to share what I've figured out works and doesn't.