Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bird Feeder Area

Today the feeders were alive with many birds, with great, blue and LT tits, wren, dunnock, redpoll to name a few. It was also alive with visitors watching the activities of the birds. I put some meal worms out and they were quickly taken. Also some of the dog owners did not have their dogs under control and the dogs were running around and barking.
Please remember this is a Local Nature Reserve and dogs must be kept under close control at all times, and in the breeding season - from April 1st on short lead only.

Please be responsible and don't spoil the enjoyment of others.


Andy Kiz said...

Any chance we can get some signs up? I seriously think some people dont even realise its a nature reserve, it seems to be quite the dog walkers paradise (which I dont have a problem with if they are on a lead) but I had one try to bite me and another that jumped up at me on my last visit.

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group said...

Hi Andy
This is a priority thing for us to do. People need educating. A fence is planned around the area to keep dogs out and hopefully signage as well.