Saturday, 2 May 2020

Bird sightings -April 2020

57 species in total. A very good total considering the lockdown situation and the recorders are visiting much less often for their allowable exercise.

The highlight is undoubtedly the sighting of common scoter. Scoters are sea ducks and at the beginning of the month there was a large movement from the west coast to the east. Looks like we had some tired individuals stopping off for a rest.

The Spring migrants have started to arrive. The highlight of these were some very obliging wheatear. An uncommon bird at our reserve.

Many thanks to all the contributors especially Mike Henshaw, Jeff Milne and Graham Haigh.

Cromwell Bottom Bird Sightings April 2020

Mute Swan Great Black Backed Gull Willow Warbler
Greylag Goose Stock Dove Chiffchaff
Canada Goose Wood Pigeon Wren
Mallard Kingfisher Great Tit
Common Scoter Great Spotted Woodpecker Coal Tit
Goosander Skylark Blue Tit
Little Grebe Sand Martin Long-tailed Tit
Cormorant Swallow Nuthatch
Grey Heron House Martin Magpie
Buzzard Meadow Pipit Jay
Sparrowhawk Pied Wagtail Jackdaw
Kestrel Grey Wagtail Rook
Moorhen Dunnock Carrion Crow
Coot Robin Starling
Oystercatcher Wheatear Chaffinch
Black-headed Gull Song Thrush Goldfinch
Common Gull Mistle Thrush Bullfinch
Herring Gull Blackbird Greenfinch
Lesser Black Backed Gull Blackcap Reed B

Posted by Vic


Unknown said...

Hi. Wonder if you could help identifying a bird. My friend and i were sitting at the bird viewing station and saw a jay. Right before that we saw a bird of similar size with a dark turquoise flash as it flew but the rest of it was a much darker brown.

Vic K said...

Thanks for the question. Jays have a turquoise flash on the wing, Not many other birds have this feature so my best guess would be that it was also a jay. There will be juveniles around now which are slightly different in their colouring. There will also be natural variations in colouring throughout the population. Some look quite pink and others tend towards brown. I hope this helps.