Sunday, 19 April 2020


Yesterday, Saturday, I saw a kingfisher on the Calder, downstream from St Stephen’s Church, across from the rugby field, on the North Dean Woods side. Might there be a nest in the sandy bank there?

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B.Nield said...

Hi Helen, I am happy you saw a Kingfisher, a Schedule 1 protected species.
Just a point for the the future - Any Schedule 1 species should not have possible nest locations given out to anybody who cares to read it. Not only will naughty people be interested, but, (exaggerated) 50 photographers crowding around a nest will cause failed breeding too.
Please refrain from mentioning these places on blogs etc, as egg thieves etc may be reading. Especially when you are sure there's one wherever, word of mouth to trusted persons is the best way to ask.
The sandy bank may not be a good spot for nesting, water levels, too soft (collapse) & many other reasons.

Keep looking around there though - It will be of that birds fishing spots for sure.