Saturday 3 August 2019

Open Day 2019 this Saturday August 3rd

Our Annual Open Day is here! This Saturday. We know that many of our volunteers bring cakes etc. Whilst we are very grateful for this may we respectfully remind you that we are not allowed to serve fresh cream. Please do not bring sausage rolls. Thank You.
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hazeyandrew II said...

Is there going to be a communication to volunteers soon about what help is needed / what we can do? Something that goes beyond the scope of sausage rolls and fresh cream? Thanks

Bruce said...

Hi Andrew
Help is always needed on this Saturday. Please come along and introduce yourself - no pressure though. All our regulars will be there.

I will be there by 7:30am tomorrow.


hazeyandrew II said...

Thanks Bruce. I didn't make it in the end. I think the only message on here was the one about sausage rolls before your post at 4pm the afternoon before the event. It might get more people involved if messages or emails could go out well in advance? It might increase participation beyond the "regulars" if others are also in the loop about what the arrangements are for helping out. That said, hats off to everybody who did help to make it another very successful day.