Monday, 15 July 2019

Moth Night Summary - July 13th

FIRST OF ALL: A big thanks to the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group for providing such fantastic mothing facilities and habitat creation and management - it is VERY much appreciated!

Another moth-friendly night with mild conditions and it was almost dead calm. Nine showed up for the moths which were a little slow to start with but by the night's end we had a record 80-90 species species. I hope Barry will let us know the final tally.
Obviously there were many stunning moths on show but none more so than a varied collection of superb green moths, notably: July Highflier, V Pug, Common Emerald and Large Emerald.

Perhaps the rarest on the night was this Golden-brown Tubic (Crassa unitella) which looks like being another Calderdale first. As can be often the case with micros emptied from the trap last thing, it's quite worn after sharing a small space with hundreds of other moths, flies and caddisflies. However, the remnants of reddish/brown scales, yellow head, very long palps and declining resting position  points to this species.
The adult flies from late June to August and sometimes comes to light It is associated with wooded areas because the larvae, late September to May, feed on fungus on and under dead bark.

Another new one for myself was this (worn) Hawthorn Cosmet (Blastodacna hellerella), also found in the trap at emptying time.

My favourite photo of the night's moths was this fresh looking Suspected with lovely warm rufous tones.

This tiny Wormwood Pug was a photo lifer for myself, I'm fairly confident with the ID but if anyone knows differently let me know.

This "worn" looking pug deserved closer scrutiny at home and turned out to be a Bordered Pug in very good nick. Another new one for myself.

We had small numbers of Dingy Shears and it was nice to photograph a nice specimen for a change.

This small un-moth-like moth added to our slowly growing list of Footmen, this being a Muslin Footman.

Parornix anglicella
Stigmella salicis
Stigmella hybneralla


AndyC said...

Fantastic night and many thanks to Barry , who does a brilliant job...

AndyC said...

Wormwood Pug has been confirmed

charlie streets said...

Okay Andy, thanks for that, tricky things pugs, well, most of them.