Sunday, 7 July 2019

Big Butterfly Count

A great turn out toady with some 25 people involved throughout the day,,,,,!!!!! And many thanks to all who turned up..

Meadow Brown ....Abundant (100 +)
Ringlet ..................Abundant (100 +)
Small Skipper ,,,,,50  +
Large Skipper ..5
Small Tortoiseshell...2
Common Blue...3
Small Heath .....3
Red Admiral .....1
Painted Lady ...2
Comma ...3
Large White ...3
Green - veined White.....1

Yellow Shell x 2
Shaded Broad Bar x 1
5 -spot Burnet Moths ....Abundant
Cinnabar ...2

Brown Hawker
Broad Bodied Chaser
Banded Demoiselle
Large Red  Damselfly
Common Blue


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant day it was - in more ways than one! Sun beaming down, butterflies and moths a plenty and it was very good to have walk round the reserve with such knowledgable people. It’s a shame my photography didn’t seem to be up to scratch today with camera blur evident on my pictures, unlike the clever young lad who was there doing macro and giving a running commentary about various aspects of Lepidoptera behaviour - move over Mr Attenborough!
All in all an amazing day out and thank you to Andy C for his expertise.

AndyC said...

tHIS IS A MESSAGE FOR Elliot..the fine young butterfly spotter..the place to see Brown Hairstreak is Chambers Farm Wood in Lincolnshire a fine place for many butterfly species