Thursday, 11 April 2019

TESCO Bags of Help

Thanks to all your little blue tokens we have been awarded £4000 from TESCO towards our project “A View for All”. You really pulled out the stops for us and we’re now refining our plans for a viewing area with easy access so that everyone can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the reedbed. We’ll probably start work after the birds’ breeding season is over.
Here's how the view looked today in the sunshine

This is the "before" photo -
wonder how the finished project will look?

In the meantime we’d love to hear from any nature loving wheelchair users out there – to make sure we’re doing our best for you to enjoy the reserve. The design of the viewing area isn’t finalised yet, so if you have any particular advice for us or you’d just like to know more about it we’d be grateful if you’d get in touch. Drop us an email, to or leave a message on our Facebook page.
Or - of course - you can talk to any of the trustees/volunteers down at the cabin on Sundays.
Thank you!

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