Monday, 17 December 2018

Some birds from last week

Little Grebe on the river at Brookfoot Loop slowly moving downstream towards Brighouse.

A nice comparison shot with a Mallard.

A Teal on the river bend above the weir. I had heard reports of a female there so this drake was a nice surprise.

The recent rain seems to have pushed good numbers of Goosander on to the canal where fishing is no doubt easier.

I never tire of seeing Nuthatches at such close quarters at both feeding stations

One of a small flock of Siskins around the cabin feeding station - a first for me here.

I keep hearing that Cromwell's a great place to photograph Kingfishers but I've yet to see one that isn't a distant blur as it shoots along the river - I will keep trying though!


Bruce said...

Nice set of pictures Charlie. Sorry I missed you at The Christmas Bash.

charlie streets said...

Yes, I think I left just as you arrived - good to see so many turn up and the food and drink were top notch.
Merry Christmas to everyone and if 2019 is anywhere near as good as this year we'll be doing well!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant pictures Charlie I never knew there were Siskins around the Cabin I must take my camera on Sunday.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Sorry I missed the Christmas bash.
Great pictures Charlie.