Monday, 6 August 2018

Friday night / open day morning moths

Around 60 species recorded with at least 12 to add to the year list which now stands at 226.

Highlights were:

Blood-vein - 2nd Cromwell record this year of this scarce Calderdale moth
Dusky Thorn
Old Lady
Haworth's Minor - a strange record as they usually prefer moorland with cotton-grass and sedges
Chevron x 3
Birch Marble (Apotomis betuletana) - one of the many "bird-dropping" micros
Rush Marble (Bactra lancealana)
Sallow Kitten x 2
Sallow x 2 - First of the autumn
Least Yellow Underwing - the fifth species of Yellow Underwing this year
Six-striped Rustic x 3

Lime-speck Pug - my moth of the night demonstrating that not all pugs are worn and hard to ID

One of two Pale Prominents - the classic "dead twig" moth

Antler Moths becoming quite common now, this one was in the cabin!

Angle-striped Sallow - One of five of this northern speciality

Small Square-spot - a small pinkish noctuid

This Canary-shouldered Thorn kept me company for most of the night so I couldn't resist a photo

One of several Small China-marks of both sexes made an appearance. Possibly coming from the nearby wheel-wash ponds

This Small Birch Bell (Epinotia ramella) was netted before the lights went on - one of twelve new species for me on the night.
Last but not least this False Cacao Moth (Ephestia woodiella) was in the trap just before dawn. It's a VC 63 first and only the second county record.


AndyC said...

Pale prominent is only the second record for calderdale , PT had one in 2001 just along the road at Park Road....great selection there Charlie and barry..hope I can make the next one ......

charlie streets said...

That's great, I had no idea they were so scarce around here.
We also had an Ephestia species, it may be just a Cacao Moth or something much better..........

AndyC said...

Just goes to show , what a brilliant habitat Cromwell is.............Its full of hidden jems.....

charlie streets said...

I've posted a pic of the Ephestia sp.- foodstuff the larvae eat include cocoa beans, nuts and dried fruit, so should be able to rear them on Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bars I reckon :-)