Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Goosander family

Hello all,
We are new to the group, having only just found the reserve in spite of living in the Brighouse area for many years.  On our first visit (1st June, evening) we came across a family of goosanders being panicked by a heron. On the way back to the car park via the canal bank we spotted them making use of an old tyre in the river.  Not sure if this is a common roosting spot or just a convenient place to stop off?

We returned twice during the following week but didn't see them in the same place again.  It would be nice to know if this is common behaviour or just a chance sighting.
Really impressed with the whole site, the bird feeding area in particular.  Many thanks to all those who have helped to create and maintain a local wildlife haven.  We look forward to visiting frequently in the future.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That picture is amazing! So lucky to see that.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Super photo - well done.!
(With such a large family, the tyre must be a 'Goodyear').
Lets hope they all can avoid the Herons.

Ric Jackson said...

You’ll see goosander more often than not on the river and canal, but maybe never like this again! I don’t know of any regular roosting spots - someone else might - but you certainly came away with a great experience.

Nickusher06 said...

Aww so cute, might go and see if i can spot them tomorrow

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Lovely shot and sight

Steve Blacksmith said...

Brilliant picture! Very cute. As far as I know, Cromwell Bottom and the Calder at Copley (Hollas Lane Bridge) and again the Calder up at Hebden Bridge, have all had breeding Goosanders in recent years, but I've not seen them at any of these places myself this year.

Steve Midgley said...

Saw them at the weekend and they'd definitely grown. 13 young I counted.