Thursday, 22 March 2018

Thank You

  I'd just like to say a Big Thank You to all the hard working
  volunteers at Cromwell Bottom, I love walking down by the
  riverside looking for Kingfishers and Dippers but I always
  did it with some trepidation as I was always looking at the floor
  in case I slipped or stood in a puddle of mud, but now its a pleasure
  to walk on there and you can now get nearer to the river without
  being attacked with nettles and brambles.
  Fantastic job you should all be proud of yourselves.
  Well Done.

    Birds seen today were Blue & Great Tit, LTT,  Bullfinch, Blackbird, Robin,
    2 Buzzard, Cormorant, Goosander, Dipper, Mallard, Wren, Heron, Magpie,
    Jay, Nuthatch, Reed Bunting and Kestrel.

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Bruce said...

Very many thanks for your comments Dave