Monday, 3 April 2017

Chiffchaff Nature Reserve

      On a walk around the reserve today produced
      27 species and Green Woodpecker and Treecreeper
      heard but not seen, loads of Chiffchaff all over the
      reserve and the Little Grebes making a racket on
      the lagoon, I only seen one but it sounded like there
      were a few more on there, and 2 Goosanders were
      sunbathing up by the weir.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Chiffies are maddening. They can sound so close, and you have no chance of spotting it. They seem to prefer tree tops, so it's hard to find them inside a stand of trees

Dave Brotherton said...

I know and there song travels a long way just to confuse us.

Steve Midgley said...

Great as usual Dave. If you want treecreepers try Copley Woods