Saturday, 11 February 2017

Recent Photos

                Starlings at Brighouse (Worth going down at the end of the day when you leave the reserve)

                                                             Reed Buntings  (female and male)
                              Long Tailed Tits. My favourite small bird. So photogenic

                                                         A serious looking Blue Tit

                                               Long Tailed Tit enjoying a snack
                                                      Blue Tits looking for food


                                                             Bullfinchs (m)



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You are able to get lovely shots there

Steve Blacksmith said...

Great how the Long-taied Tits hang by one foot while they hold food with the other to peck at. Only just noticed that this year from various peoples' photographs.

Just remembered an old name for them, "Bumbarrels", which John Clare the 18thC farmer-poet used. Refers to their barrel-shaped nest apparently.

Rowaddy said...

Lovely photos Allan. Thank you for sharing them.... Rosemary

Rowaddy said...
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Allan said...

Thanks everyone. I love watching and photographing Long tailed tits. They have such gentle features and subtle colouration. I read somethere that if it wasn't for the length of their tail they would be our smallest bird. Can any of you confirm that?

B.Nield said...

Simple stats should suffice.
Goldcrest - 8-9cm long (inc tail) 14-15cm wingspan & weighs in at 5-7gms.
L.T.Tit - 15cm long (8-9cm tail) 17-19cm wingspan & weighs in at 7-9gms.
Weight & wingspans should be the giveaway - Goldcrest is deffinately smaller, & then there are Firecrests too. A couple of grams in small bird world & it's quite a % hike in size.
But I do agree they are good photo subjects & very watchable.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks for digging the stats out Barry. I wouldn't have been able to guess.