Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday walk

We had three Little Grebes together on the river this afternoon, and a Kingfisher perched over the canal down near Brookfoot Lock.
The mild weather has brought a sprig of bramble into full flower at the Bailey Bridge.

Out of our area, it's great to see the Grey Seals with their pups on the beach at Donna Nook Nature Reserve. They give birth in November and December, some right up to the barrier by the path.

We were there last Wednesday, and about half the pups had moulted out of their white and into their second "blue" coat. We were privileged  to witness mating between a bull and cow which can happen as early as 15 days after she has given birth !

We also saw a flock of about 800 Brent Geese take off and leave the area behind the seal colony.

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