Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bird Feeding Area Photos

Lots of birds are now begining to come to the feeding station at the cabin, some of them looking very scuffy.
                                                          Bullfinch (Juv)
                                                    Bullfinch (m) in moult
                                     Greenfinch. (Juv) Several are now visiting the feeders.

                                                               Blue Tit
                                                        Goldfinch (Juv)
                                                     Great Tit in moult
                                    Chaffinch (Juv) Quite a number are coming in to feed
                                                                 Chaffinch (m)
                                                         Chaffinch (Juv) Poss male

               Longtailed Tit. These wonderful little birds are now popping in to feed again.


Dave Brotherton said...

Nice shots Allan

Allan said...

Cheers Dave. Not seen you around lately. Hope you are doing well.

Roy said...

Great pics Allan