Friday 1 April 2016

Some Recent Photo Ops!

Firstly the Big fat Great Tit I mentioned a few months back was still around a couple of weeks ago, but No ones seen the Enormous Nuthatch since!
So as I haven't put any snaps up for ages, it must be time to show what's been showing well around the feeding stations.
Blue tits have been coming down en-mass at time at the Cabin feeders 
 Who said that!

My favorite common visitor is the Long Tailed Tits (the mini monkeys) they never fail to amuse with their antics, chasing each other, hanging one legged & pinching food of each other.

 Aren't I pretty?

 That winds blowing right up my ......

 Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom!

Had some really good opportunities for shots of these - They are a difficult subject to catch at times.

Goldfinch can stay still long enough for a few shots at times.

We have a good number of Chaffinch! Always a few around a free lunch!

Nuthatches - I think most snappers are after a good shot of these - They really are a striking bird up close.

Bullfinches - As mentioned previously - We are blessed with many breeding pairs!

Not Forgetting - Our World Famous ...... Jays!
Photographers have been coming in droves for the last 2 winters to snap our cheeky peanut pinchers.

& with opportunities like above - You can see why!
Oh & the answer to the question you ask about the first Jay shot is ..... 18.
His Face was exploding with them!

With all the rarer, more exiting, more colourful, harder to see species the one everyone really likes is the easiest, most common one of all on our site!

 You don't even have to look for them - stop on the path & one will pop out to see if you have any food.
This was last weekend in main feeding area & pointing out that Spring is here & he wants the other males to stay out of the Feeding area now! It belongs to him!

Hope you enjoy looking at the snaps as much as I do taking them, Had a couple of lucky sessions where I was in the right place at the right time to catch the action.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Loved these shots, the one legged acrobatics are incredible

Rowaddy said...

Great shots Barry. I feel as though I've just had a visit to Cromwell!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous images of beautiful birds and it's nice to read a bit of commentary about them too.