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Thursday, 25 February 2016

A quiet afternoon

It was a quiet afternoon today at the bird feeding area.  Nothing beyond the usual suspects: blue tits, great tits, chaffinch, robin, bullfinch, dunnock and magpie.  As I was leaving about 5 pm, a couple told me they had just seen a deer head from the Tag Cut area towards the river up over the meadow.  I didn't get to see it, but they were quite excited with their sighting.  Is it usual to see a deer in this area of the reserve?


B.Nield said...

Dawn & dusk are not surprising times to see deer at CB, I've even had one run through feeding area around 10.00am one dull morning. There are more around than you think! & yes this area is a normal spot to see them when it's quiet.

Ric Jackson said...

Thanks for the info, Barry. Would it have been a fallow deer? The description was white rump and big!

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

It'll be a Roe Deer Ric, they're the ones usually seen around Calderdale

Ric Jackson said...

Thanks for the info, Dave. Maybe I'll get fortunate and see one at some point in the future.