Monday, 9 November 2015

Some of the reserves delightful birds

Over the last month, like many others I have met at Cromwell Bottom, I have continues to enjoy the Nuthatches and other birds. Here are a selection of what I have taken.
                                   Different Nuthatches continue to visit the two feeding stations
                                       Don't you just love these charasmatic chartacters

                                          It pays to keep a lookout when you are on the menue

                                             Not many Bullfinches coming down yet.
                 The Goldfinch is one of the birds that is doing well throughout the UK
                          We have quite a few Chaffinches coming to both feeding stations
 Some may think that the Dunnock is just a small brown job but I think they are special. Just look at the detail in the feathers
                                              The Coal Tit is a great active little bird

 This Great Spotted Woodpecker looked really disappointed when he found there were no nuts. They are visiting both feeding stations.
 This male Siskin was delightfull to see and even more delightful when it came down in front of the Viewing Station.
                          The Long Tailed Tit is many people's favourite small birds.
                                     The Jays are back and as hungry ( or is it as greedy) as every.


Unknown said...

A fine set of images. Hope the redpoll come and join the party, too!

Allan said...

Thanks Ric. More Siskins and lots of Redpolls will do nicely.