Thursday, 14 May 2015

Today's Visit

                     Today's visit was fairly quiet bird wise but there was a strong
                     wind blowing, bumped in to GH, AW, DL who made me jealous
                     about there upcoming trip to Mull and then had a good natter to
                     Roy in the bird viewing area and he'll be gutted that I spotted the
                     Kingfisher flying down the river just after he had left.
                     Buzzard was flying high overhead or was it the Marsh Harrier
                     thats been seen locally as it had same cutting in its wing as was
                     seen in a photo of the Marsh Harrier thats going around and when
                     I first seen it circling it had the look of a Red Kite, I also got to see
                     my first Cromwell Bottom Sedge Warbler and 2 first time this spring
                     Swift and the vole popped out for a nosey.
                      1 Buzzard ?
                      1 Grey Wagtail
                      1 Kingfisher
                      4 Blackcap
                      3 Chiff Chaff
                      4 Willow Warbler
                      1 Long Tailed Tit
                      3 Wren 1 Reed Bunting
                      1 Sedge Warbler
                      2 Coot, 6 Mallard, 10 Canada's
                      and the regular Tit's & Finches
                      2 Swift.


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