Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From The Undergrowth

A few with the new set up still getting use to the nikon
Male Reed Bunting

Field Vole ( Basil 2 )


Chiff chaff collecting feathers


Chiff Chaff

Tree Creepergwh


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Birds are modelling for you, as ever!

Reed buntings seem to be a species going fairly well lately

gwh said...

As you well know I talk to them first and tell them where to land ( if only) write place write time for a change.
Reed buntings have done well this winter we have had 4males and a female on the feeders at one time

gwh said...

Forgot to add I put in 4hours a day to get that lucky

Steve Midgley said...

You must have a good wing man!!

gwh said...

Wing man was a brilliant spotter nice one Steve

Dave Brotherton said...

Cracking shots Graham, love the vole

gwh said...

Thanks Dave

B.Nield said...

I can see the improved quality already! wink! hahaha.