Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spring Specials: Birds and Butterflies

Spring is well under way, but at times it feels like winter is still holding on. Though the weather has been changable the sights and sounds down on the reserve have been a delight to witness. Birds are still making use of the bird feeding area. Male Chaffinches and Bullfinches are looking at their best. On warm days we are seeing a number of Butterflies which reminds me that summer is on its way and its nearly time to get the Macro out in ernest.
                                      Male Blackcaps are singing for all they are worth
                             Bluetits are still coming down foir seeds at the Viewing Station
                                   Male Chaffinches are looking fantastic at the moment
                                  This Dunnock was showing well down by the river
                 Male reedbunting. Topping up with seed before he heads back to the lagoon
     The Jays are still coming down for peanuts. Perhaps the larder was empty for this one.
                                    Robin down by the river path in late evening sun
                                        Female Goosander in evening sunlight on the river
                                   One of two males that were there that evening
                                          They seem to be enjoying each others company
                                                 But, it was the male that drove her off.
                                                One of our splendid male Bullfinches
                                                               Goldfinch on Tag Loop
                                             Goldfinch in the Hawthorns bushes by the weir
                                                            Chiff-Chaff on Tag Loop
               Jay wondering when someone is going to bring down some more peanuts
                                               Kestrel hunting on the reserve
                                                    A joy to see not one but two

                                                 Small White Butterfly
                                                                   Peacock Butterfly
                                                   Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Your female goosander has a very Egyptian "Cleopatra the Duck" look about her

Steve Midgley said...

Looks like you had a good day