Saturday 25 April 2015

Pics of Cromwell Birds

             Just a few pics taken lately.


Steve Midgley said...

Nice shots, whats the top one ChiffChaff?

B.Nield said...

Good question Steve, Dave has not identified any of the birds in the Photos, so beginners will certainly struggle with this one!
Seeing as in the field you need to have a few clues to ID them here's a video page from the BTO to help. & another one that may help.
I am not going to give the ID just yet as You guys can have a look at the reference material & pick up the tips to use in the field.
HINT - Leg colour is a pretty good initial indicator, most of the time. The Song is the best.
Hope you enjoy working it out!

Margaret C - birdbox said...

Is the wren shouting at that nuthatch?