Thursday, 12 March 2015

Work in Spagnum Bog

A big thank you to the eight volunteers (David, Alan, Bruce, Shelagh, John, Gary, Allan and Jane) who came to help in cutting back some of the trees in the spagnum bog at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve on Wednesday 11th March. The Spanum Bog at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve is a unique habitat and has been in danger of drying out  because of the encroachment of trees. The plan is to gradually cut back some of the trees over the next few years so that we can continue to preserve this special habitat.
                                                        David at the heart of things as usual
                                                   Alan getting ready to pull out what gets cut
                                                     Allan thinking about getting started
                                            David wondering when Allan is going to get started
                                    Gary wondering what David and Allan are up to out there
                                                Shelagh preparing to get stuck in as usual
                                          The team getting ready to pull out the cut branches
                                   The plan being put into operation : Maintaining an open habitat in
                                                         which spagnum moss can thrive.
                                           Nearly done for the day. More to do in the future.


David L said...

by the amount of water in the
bog no fear of drying out
just yet

Allan said...

Depends how much we take down our wellies. (lol)