Monday, 9 February 2015

Today the 9th February

                         Bird feeding area was very busy today with the regular birds
                         and the sparrowhawk must be hungry as twice he dived in while i was there.
                         8 Bullfinch
                         4 LTT
                         Lots of the other tits
                         3 Robin
                         4 Blackbird
                         1 Chaffinch
                         1 Jay
                         1 or 2 Sparrowhawk
                         1 Greater Spotted Woodpecker
                         4 Squirrel all at the bird viewing area
                         5 Goosander
                         1 Kingfisher on the river
                         1 Young swan on the canal
                         1 Heron flying over
                         15 pink footed geese in field by ski lake
                          5 Tufted duck on fishing lake.


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