Friday, 27 February 2015

Quiet Today

                      Was very quiet today down at CBNR i think there was
                      more people than birds, a fair few photographers and visitors
                      but the wildlife was playing shy.

                     2 Jay
                     2 Robin
                     4 Dunnock
                     3 LTT
                     4 Blackbird
                     regular tit family but not as many as usual
                     but the Bullfinch were there in good numbers,
                     1 Heron preparing nest
                     1 Kestrel
                      And Allan the future chairman
                      4 Mallard on the weir
                      Nothing on the river
                       1 Juv Mute Swan, 4 Canada Geese on canal,
                       2 Nuthatch's by pond and Fox up by weir
                       spotted by other people.

                                         Allan looking serious


Steve Midgley said...

Nice shots of the Kestrel and Jay

Steve Midgley said...

Did see a Little Grebe, a few Teal and a Moorhen on the river early doors.

B.Nield said...

What's that frightening beastie in the last picture? lol.

Dave Brotherton said...

Is it the Cromwell Monster, thought it was just a myth lol

Allan said...

The last picture looks like something from a scary movie

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Just dropping in on my travels, love what that Jay is doing with its wing