Thursday 5 February 2015

Feeding area build up!

As we get into Feb - all the natural food starts to get very low, or even runs out. This is the month for big numbers at the feeders, & Sunday did not disappoint.
We now have 12 or more Bullfinch occasionally (I had 12 just on the logs & crossbeam) they seem to be hanging around in half dozen or so groups.
About a half dozen Coal Tits are hanging around there too, with similar numbers of Great Tits but Blue Tit numbers are difficult to keep up with, I think there are over 20 lurking around the feeding area.
Blackbirds seem to have moved in, 2-3 pairs bobbing about the undergrowth, Robins - I noticed 6 together at one point with 1 on the sidelines. A couple of robins were performing for the females on Sun + singing their little hearts out, & one cheeky individual had been in my bag twice looking at my dinner. At one point as I photographed Bullfinch I felt something sharpish at my ear & behold - It was a Robin on my shoulder pecking my ear? Then it sat on my head, & then dropped down to side of me on the shelf & sang at me? Not sure what to make of this - But I think I may have been sitting there too long!
No Siskin - But 2 Redpolls came down to the back table to feed with the Bullfinch - But the Male Sparrow hawk zipped through & cleared out the area. I notice that there have been 3 separate Redpolls at the Niger Seed of late. We had a couple of visits from Reed Buntings both Male & Females have been, a few chaffinch feeding on the ground, 4-5 Dunnock's are also zipping about & our resident 3 Jays were making new visitors very happy at weekend, with good close sightings. A few L.T.Tits are visiting the fatballs now - on a regular basis, Green Woodpeckers were Yaffling all around the site on Sun, Buzzard called from the hill opposite entrance, G.S. Woodpeckers were quite active, & Kingfishers were zipping about the river & calling a lot as they moved.
Some of the tits are inspecting the Boxes already, but unimpressed as we haven't cleaned them out yet!
I think that's it!
Just be careful when in the viewing area ....... Not to stand on the cheeky Robin running around your feet!

If you would like to see some shots of our Bullfinch in all their glory check out my profile

Due to unofficial borrowing of my pictures in the past - I tend not to put too many high quality pictures on Blogs anymore but you are welcome to check out the ones from Sun I put on Bird guides.

Come down to the viewing area & see them for yourself!


Bruce said...

Really good report of a fine day out Barry.

Unknown said...

Rather friendly Robin it is.!