Tuesday, 24 February 2015

CBNR getting Popular

                   Had a walk around CB today and there was plenty of birds
                   and plenty of people visiting the site, bird viewing area got really busy
                   after dinner with lots of new faces and children interested in the birdlife
                   which was good to see.

                   Birds seen 23rd Feb 2015-:
                   4 Dunnock
                   2 Jays
                   5 Goosanders on river 3male 2female
                   2 Little Grebe by bottom bridge
                   4 Teal up by the weir
                   2 Chaffinch
                   3 Robins
                   8 Bullfinch
                   3 LTT and Great,Blue & Coal tits in abundance
                   1 Greater Spotted Woodpecker
                   2 Coot on the lagoon
                   10 Cormorant on skiing lake
                   30 Canada Geese, 2 Mute Swans and Mallards on canal.
                    2 Goldeneye on river and kestrel flying through viewing area
                    were mentioned as being seen.

                                         flyover by Heron and unknown geese
                                         Nuthatch also said to have been seen at
                                         Car Park feeders

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