Sunday 22 February 2015

Bullfinch Heaven!

This month the feeder area has got really busy, as natural food gets really low, some days Blue Tits are in crazy numbers & other days it's Great Tits. The Bullfinches are building up nicely, & deciding which one point the camera at is getting tricky.
A few snaps of birds frequenting the feeder area:

Reed Buntings come in from time to time - especially if it's a frosty start!
Jay's can be pretty active - Here's Mr Tufty, the bravest of our Peanut pinchers!
Sometimes up to Half a Dozen Coal Tit's are zipping around, getting enough time to compose a good picture, can be quite challenging.
Now for the little Dumplings!
Everybody seems to enjoy seeing these!

As long as you don't move too quickly - the Bullfinches will sit there for ages munching on seed, & you can collect up to 12 right in front of you on the logs & crossbeam.
Just for the record:
I photographed a birdie a couple of winters back that was generally decided to be a Mealy Redpoll, here's a snap of it for your own reference.
I am keeping my personal opinion to myself regarding any recent Redpoll visitors, of which I have noticed 3 different individuals.
Tricky species sometimes especially with light Lesser's & dark Commons, pictures of their back markings & rump colouration can be really useful for ID purposes.
If your lucky you may catch a Redpoll on the Niger feeder & can make your own mind up, but you will have to pop down to site to do so, & you can have a walk round after, Dippers & Kingfishers are getting active on the river now. 

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