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Sunday, 9 November 2014

From the Undergrowth

Hi all a few from the last couple of weeks and as its Remembrance Sunday some pics from last weekend's trip to the Tower of London ,its a very sobering experience when you think that every poppy there is British a life lost .    On the feeders its Jay city at the moment.
Just a quick reminder to all photographers we put the feeding area in for the Birds and for all to see the birds after that there has been some damage to trees planted last year and suspect its a photographer breaking branches off to get a better picture please do not damage anything in there just WAIT until a better opportunity arises, your on going co-operation will be welcome .Hope you enjoy the pics

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Female Reed Bunting

Juv Male Reed Bunting

Male Chaffinch

Coal Tit

Female Reed Bunting






Great Tit


david langley said...

Nice photos especially the poppies
and the very colourful coal tit

B.Nield said...

Just an update to Grahams point .... It's Rowan sapling tops that have been snapped off because they interfered with the view of the Jays if they sat on the Rowans support sticks. Those sticks are to support the Rowan trees as they grow - much needed berry trees in that area. Why would you want to KILL a tree sapling just for a shot of something on a man made stick?
That was a future Berry tree that now won't have any Fieldfares or Redwings feeding in it, in front of the screen in the future! So no nice pictures of them in years to come eh! Just for a couple of shots of Jays now, who have come closer afterwards anyway. Look .... Graham had them just feet away on the new setup, not all the way at the back on a square man made post!
Remember - Patience is a Virtue!

steadyeddy said...

I tend to agree,why you should kill a tree when they jays are everywhere. I was there Sunday & the jays were very obliging no need for any damage.

steadyeddy said...

Sorry Graham nice pictures by the way.