Saturday, 11 October 2014

Today at the Reserve

19 of us assembled in the car park on another glorious October day. Robin gave us the customary safety talk as we were itching to get started. Present were:- Alan, Allan, Barry, Bella, Bruce, Colin, David, Graham, Joe, John, Julian, Lucy, Mike, Paul, Richard, Robin, Shelagh, Simon, and Susan, with apologies for any omission.

We had various tasks to do. Bruce, Lucy and David did some survey work (very technical) at the dipping pond. One of the long fences was repaired and made firmer by Robin and his team. Hay was collected and stacked from one of the meadows and the Bird Feeding Station was upgraded and improved. Pictures below mainly of the feeding station.

One of several skeins of Pink-footed goose that flew over. Click on image and count them. I made it 116 ish.

Spider (Linyphia)  webs were everywhere.

Some of these old stumps were pretty heavy. They will be rich in invertebrate life and help feed many of the birds that will visit the feeding station during the coming months.

Barry drilled holes for seeds to attract various species.

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