Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Visit To The Feeding Area
Thursday 23/10/2014

 Great Tit
 Male Chaffinch
 Blue Tit


B.Nield said...

Nice one, a Redpoll already - the winner of the When will the first Redpoll arrive competition, that hasn't even started - Is Paul! lol. Hopefully this is a sign of a good Redpoll winter at Cromwell, I love the little critters. Chaffinch on the new stumps & Jays using the moved closer Jay log. Looks like you had a good session - I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable session Barry,the Redpoll was bonus but only seen the one so far. Many thanks to all involved in adding the new features in the Feeding Area and the rest of the hard work around the Reserve.......Much appreciated

Bruce said...

Nice one Paul. I was going to organise another Redpoll competition this weekend. At least you have saved me a job. Looks like you have "bragging rights"
Well done. Smashing pictures

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bruce