Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bugs & Butterflies

I finally dusted off my macro lens to photograph some of the small critters in the undergrowth. I now remember why I don't use this lens a lot: macro photography is tough work!

If you can identify the species I'd be grateful. I'm a real beginner when it comes to insects and the like. 

Thanks for the replies and the identifications. They have been added to the images. 




Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

Common Red Soldier Beetle



Bruce said...

Nice set of pictures Ric

The first is a Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus), then a Skipper (not sure small or large), No idea what the "fly" is. Then a cinnabar moth caterpillar (Tyria jacobaeae). The last I have no idea although one of our members will no doubt fill in the blanks.

B.Nield said...

Hi - I think the Skipper is the Small Skipper going off size & markings (or lack of the markings on the large). If I am correct the last one is a Common Red Soldier Beetle, certainly looks like one from that angle.

Allan said...

Well done Ric. Worth dusting the macro off for

Unknown said...

Thanks for comments and the identifications. Much appreciated!