Sunday, 15 June 2014

June 14th Work Party - the moths

On a quite overcast morning there were plenty of moths to keep my camera busy but practically no butterflies. This Shaded Broad-bar was a highlight for me, it's not one I ever see closer to home.

Celypha lacunana can always be relied on to put in an appearance. This one was in the car parking area.

There were good number of Yellow Shell through out the meadow, this one resting characteristically upside down.

Another upside downer was this Chrysoteuchia culmella - one of several grass moth species on the reserve.

Last and certainly least is this primitive Micropterix aruncella which has functioning jaws which enable it to eat pollen. As is often the case they face away from the camera on close approach so it's mouth parts aren't visible here. It's forewing can be as small as two and a half millimetres!

I was so engrossed with the moths I actually forgot to do any work - apologies to all concerned! Also thanks to Graham for the lift there.


AndyC said...

Nice selection and very clear photos,,If anyone wants to run the trap next Saturday night at CB I can lend you the generator and the trap.I can join in later but I am doing a Ghost Moth walk with Hugh in Bradford that evening...

gwh said...

Thanks for the offer Andy but we have too much on that day it would be nice but one too many i think . yours Graham