Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From The Undergrowth

A few photo's from yesterday.

Speckled Wood

Small Heath

Medow Brown

Juv Great Spotted Woodpecker

Yellow Shell moth

Common Blue





Green Woodpecker Juv , as i was passing Tag Canal there was a large commotion going on, as i went in i found a Juvenile Green Woodpecker still clinging to a branch lying in the mud it looks as if the branch has given way and fallen with the bird attached , the adults were going mad as was the young one and the noise was deafening i picked it up and placed it on the bank and left them to it and checked this morning and it was gone .




B.Nield said...

I can't stop laughing at the pic where it is still holding the branch, whilst upside down!
Just as daft as us when young eh!

gwh said...

It made me laugh too , you would not belive the noise this little thing made and its claws were like razor blades .gwh

Unknown said...

Wow! Fantastic pictures! Bet you couldn't believe your luck!