Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hi all a few pictures below from this and last week ,  saw the Damsel and Dragonflies out in the wet areas and river path with Large Red , Common Blue , Azure, Blue Tail and a Female Broad Bodied Chaser, Birds are singing every where in the warm sunny weather , Dippers are in and out of the nest all the time now ,i suspect they are feeding young. Canada Geese x4 , Goosesander x2 Moorhen and Mallard all have chicks, Whitethroats  Song thrush, Wrens, Robins , Black Cap ,Warblers all belting there song out Garden Warbler on Monday down Tag Cut canal, and the first Orchid coming into flower, its a great time to be around the reserve . gwh

Part one

M&F Goosesander

Moorhen & chicks

Id anyone first thought was male Scaup but not sure. ?

M- Bullfinch

and F Bullfinch feeding on Dandelion heads


M  White throat
f  Orange Tip

M  Orange Tip
Canada Geese family


Steve Blacksmith said...

No, it's not a Scaup, unfortunately. It's a cross between a wild mallard and a fancy variety derived from mallard. Note its curly rump feathers. Mallards are the only species to have these.

gwh said...

Thanks Steve . gwh