Tuesday 6 May 2014

Early dawn at Cromwell

We started quite early walking around the Reserve. The air was heavy with the scent of  Hawthorn. Dippers were clearly visible by the weir. Other birds were Willow warbler, Garden warbler, chiffchaff, robin, song thrush, blackcap, whitethroat, wren, blue tit, great tit, dunnock, canada goose, little grebe, coot, moorhen, grey heron, buzzard, sedge/reed warbler, crow, jackdaw, magpie, woodpigeon, jay, LT tit, GS woodpecker, mallard. With apologies to those species I may have missed. 

Bluebells are in profusion

Tag cut. The water is clearly red from the iron oxide deposits nearby

Further along the sunlight now penetrates to the water

There were 3 moorhen chick here but they escaped my camera

The pond dipping area is looking a little dry

A broader view of the pond

Bluebells near the pond

A bluebell close up

The East Meadow. A Buzzard called overhead

The top pond. A Mallard is still drowsy

The path along the riverside

Broom are in full flower now along the riverside

Sunlight catches a natural weir

The Canada's were very noisy

The pontoon was well used

The lagoon looking west

Apple blossom

One of the Apple trees

A sedge/reed warbler was singing here

The channel cut earlier is still open

Hawthorn are really starting to bloom well now

The canal attracts Bank Holiday narrow boats

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Great pictures there Bruce the site is looking well . gwh