Friday, 30 May 2014

By way of introduction...

Spent an enjoyable time walking around the reserve yesterday, despite dodging rain showers, puddles and mud - especially on the path down to the lagoon.  Highlights were mallard, moorhen and little grebe all out on the lagoon along with a coot sitting on a nest on the edge of the reed-bed.  Then, just below the weir, an adult dipper feeding a young one.  Incredible to see the adult diving into the water and popping back up only inches from where it went down - some real strength  not to get swept off downstream with the water as high and as fast-flowing as it was.

I've enjoyed coming down to the reserve for a year or more now to watch the birds and spend time behind my camera.  Finally thought I should join the group -  hence the title for this post.  Enjoy the photographs below which were taken over the past autumn and winter:

Male Bullfinch

Coal Tit

Great Tit

Female Chaffinch

Female Bullfinch

Blue Tit

 Ric J


gwh said...

Hi Ric some great shots there hope to see more . yours Graham

Bruce said...

Hi Ric

Welcome to the blog, as Graham says nice shots. We hope to see you down there. We are on site this Saturday at 9:30. Its all about photography!

You will be very welcome

Unknown said...

well, my thoughts exactly ric! iv been threatening to join for the past year, even done my otter dissertation project down at CB, but now im finished at college it time I joined the group so defo count me in on sat! gemma murphy :)