Saturday, 10 May 2014

8 May Meeting - info please?

I am interested in the developments planned for Cromwell Bottom but was unable to attend this meeting. Perhaps others are in the same position? Will there be a report of the proceedings published on the website?


Bruce said...

Hi Birdbox

I would not think so. Nothing really was achieved, just our opinions were noted.

The consensus is that it will be developed to its full potential, hopefully as per published map or something similar. There are objections, notably from the dog walkers who will want to run their dogs on North Loop. Clearly this would not be compatible with a (potential) nature reserve. The Hydro scheme was also discussed and is apparently feasible. A fish ladder must be added in that case.

We will have to wait and see what develops. Nothing is set in stone, not even in clay yet!

If we hear anything we will post.

Anonymous said...

thank you - I'll keep watching!