Friday, 28 March 2014


There were two Woodcock on the lagoon all this afternoon.  Having watched them most of the afternoon I went back for my camera and a scope. I took a number of pictures for the record (which I now have on my computer) with an iso of 3600 and it is heavily cropped so is very poor but you can see they are Woodcock.

The only time I've seen them at Cromwell previously is when I've accidentally flushed them from cover so it was great to see them out in the open for so long and a bonus to see two together.


Colin D said...

Great Find Allan

Unknown said...

Wow, nice find

AndyC said...

I think they are Snipe,,Woodcock don't like water much. : ))

Andy Kiz said...

As AndyC said I would agree they are snipe. Woodcock aren't water birds and are normally only seen / heard in the late evening / dark on their roding flights unless flushed. Snipe is still brilliant never seen them on the lagoon before - hopefully they will breed

B.Nield said...

I did point out this question of Snipe!!! would pop up Allan. We can't tell properly from the picture quality. For the record, Where they are stood is sloppy mud - there is a strip in front of that part of the reeds. Which also would allow them in & out of the wet woodland, almost unseen!
I will point out too that recently Snipe were found lurking in soggy grass not to far from feeding station.
I did mention we should see them rodding over a hill somewhere nearby at dusk if they are Woodcock. that's how I've seen them other than flushing!
This is one of those need to see it myself situations & they didn't come out for me on Sat/Sun?
Allan - You may want to try a few tricks on the shots see if you can clean them up a bit so we can see them a little clearer. Graham has got a few tips/skills to help you.

Andy Kiz said...

Other than the location, the other thing which makes me think snipe is the 'gold' stripe visible on both birds which is consistent with typical snipe markings.
Time of day seems wrong for woodcock to be out in the open too.

Allan said...

Thanks Guys. I Great to learn from others. That's what it's all about for .