Monday 24 March 2014

Another bird quiz. Answer later

Mick Sharpe sent these pics, any ideas to the identity of this this little brown job (Reed Bunting)
but not the usual markings

Everybody seems happy now. It's a Reed Bunting


gwh said...

I think it MAY be ? a Rustic Bunting
Feeds alone , has the Zoro mask , white eye stripe and mottled front anybody else has any comments? .gwh

B.Nield said...

Rustic was the one I couln't remember on Sunday, but closer look - It does not appear to be.
I have some Experts on the Job ..... Birdguides think it may be a First Summer Reed Bunting, but although the face is showing signs of moult into more Adult plumage - It's more female type! So there was no Absolute ID there.
I await a BTO ID confirmation.
One thing is sure .... Everyone so far agrees this is Funky looking & all say with it's Zorro mask (as I did). So hopefully I will get a positive ID from BTO on little Zorro!

B.Nield said...

Second Opinion in - It's a Male reed Bunting going from First winter to first summer & should over the next few weeks revert to a proper black head. So say the BTO who do think it's a tad pale looking, may possibly be Lausistic.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Great stuff! I've never seen one at that stage.

I think the spelling is more like leucistic if anyone is thinking of looking it up.

Unknown said...

I am reliably informed that it is a Reed Bunting, probably one of last year's chicks that is just moulting into its first summer male plumage.