Notice of a Meeting of all Members

Wednesday 7th February at 7.30pm

at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse Sixth Form College HD6 1AY

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group hereby give notice of a Meeting of all Members to be held on Wednesday 7th February at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse High School HD6 1AY at 7.30pm

The terms of the resolution to be proposed are as follows:

That the current Unincorporated Group called Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group is dissolved and that all of its assets are transferred to the newly formed Charitable Incorporated Organisation called Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group whose Charity Registration number is 1176233

The decision on the resolution must be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.

Prior to the vote the Committee will outline the reasons for proposing the resolution and then be available to answer any questions.

We hope you are able to attend.

Allan Wolfenden. Chairperson CBWG


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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Where have all the Redpolls gone?

OK, so we thought that Lesser Redpolls would be back by now! Last year they were back on the feeders by the 7th of October. They are still not here. Clearly they are feeding quite nicely without help. It has been a good summer and mild autumn. So what about our competition? Well as I am in charge of the blog I have now declared the original competition null and void with immediate effect, and "I am unanimous in this". So.. from this date - the 9th of November 2013 the competition will run again. So if you want to obtain "bragging rights" then post your guesses here now.

So far the 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 23rd of November also the 13th of December are taken. Check comments before choosing a date.

Redpoll at the feeders 13th November 2013
This is the picture taken by Peter Hewland on the 13th of November - many thanks Peter.

No more pictures as a dog flushed off the bird.

No-one chose the 13th. However, as Tracy is closest by choosing the 16th she gets partial but not outright Bragging Rights. This means Tracy, that you can only mention it once to any individual so no heavy bragging! If I hear to the contrary you will be barred from next autumns guess!!! (not really)


Tracy said...

Ok, I will go for 16th November

gwh said...

23rd for me gwh

david langley said...

20th nov for me

Bruce said...

19th for me

mad birdwatcher said...

21st nov

Andy Kiz said...

Im going to say no redpolls until 2014 due to the abundance of natural food available this year.

Bruce said...

You could be right Andy

B.Nield said...

I was going to add similar comment to Andy's. Food is so good this year - Even Waxwings can't be bothered popping over. I think we won't get any until mid December to Mid Jan dependant upon temperatures in Scandinavia.
I supect guessing an exact day is "peeing into the wind" + We all blew it anyway. How can one claim bragging rights after we already got it wrong, lol.
If it gets proper cold over there - they will "leg it" over here to dodge death by freezing, so possible around Christmas time / new year.
Damn Siskins ain't at Cromwell properly yet!

Allan said...

I am going to go for 13th of December. (But at this point will just be glad to see them! lol)

madmonk said...

saw a redpoll and took photo at 1330 today but im not sure how to upload the photo onto your sitr

Bruce said...

Hi madmonk

Many thanks for contacting us. You can send it directly to me if you will fro now. I presume it was on the feeders then??

Andy Kiz said...

So nobody wins again then!!

B.Nield said...

If it turns out to actually be a Redpoll - We all win!

Andy Kiz said...

Looks like a ginger sparrow to me ;)

Tracy said...

I think I win as the closest!

Bruce said...

Hi Tracy

I have already given you Bragging Rights. See post.

Tracy said...

Thanks Bruce, I will hopefully get down tomorrow and only brag to the first person I see there!