Friday 11 October 2013

Lloyds Grant


We are at the halfway point of the grant and are obtaining votes from the internet and text messages. Thank you to all who have voted already, but we do need more. Get yours friends and family to go on the web site and vote for us. All votes are crucial. Click on the links above for the easy way to vote. Yours Graham


Andy Kiz said...

Please post to your facebook walls. I've just got 8 votes doing this from people who live around the country, good friends will always help!

Bruce said...

Fantastic Andy

To be honest facebook is a pain, but am trying (very)

Any way. You did owe me one after the Snow Bunting at Soil Hill and the Crossbill at Ogden!

Hope to see you soon on site???

Maybe on the 26th????

Best Wishes


Andy Kiz said...

Hi Bruce,

I sure did, and not seen a snow bunt or crossbill since, must try harder! I am going to cornwall at the weekend so cant come, im going to start coming on a lunchtime again at some point when its not so miserable outside so im sure will bump into you!