Saturday, 14 September 2013

Work party

Many thanks to everyone for their efforts today, we have cut and removed a lot of grass from various areas and finished off the Wheelchair Access hide/screen and also put in some more things to hang feeders off. With new faces its good to see things happening again. A great  day thank you all. yours Graham

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B.Nield said...

Within an hour of all the new stuff around Feeders everything had been used by the birds.
If you remember Graham, I saw a finch like bird with red speckled chest, & said was that a Redpoll?
It turned out to be a F. Chaffinch that clearly had sat on a Red painted car, fence, bench, boat etc. Knew it was different lol.
Also M. Reed Bunting visiting Cullender already.
Interest in the Feeding Station building up already with lots of people mentioning or asking about the Vandalism.