Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spice it up!

As we seem to be accumulating more of them, there is a tip to fight back against Squirrels.


Apparently it doesn't bother birds at all, but as mammals it "burns the hell" out of Squirrels mouths, just like us.
Thought I'd post it here for all to try, It is a genuine tactic!


Bruce said...

Hi Barry
I read about this a while ago and really did not believe it, this may be worth trying.

B.Nield said...

When you think about it - different species are affected by stuff diferently, so what affects mammals may not affect birds. It would be very quickly clear if it works, birds will be munching seeds & the Squirrels will be sneezing lol acchhooo! spitting & generally unimpressed with the food. Of course table seed would be washed clean in rain but the stuff in feeders should last if dry. Fat balls, squares & coconuts could be dusted for good measure. Also it may not need to be done constantly as the Squirrels would soon not bother coming & it may not be required until their next visit.

Dave Brotherton said...

Saw a Squirrel trying to get into the kingfisher nest the other day on the banking by the river, knowing the grey it'll probably start to like the stuff in time and eat even more seed.