Monday, 2 September 2013

From the undergrowth

A few from last week that i have not had time to do. There was a sparrowhawk having a bath in the lagoon at lunchtime and the Goldfinch are starting to come on the feeders.

Male Bullfinch picking the insects of the spiders webs on the foot bridge

Fluffy Blue Tit


Moth Pale Straw (Udea lutealis)

Great Titgwh


Colin D said...

Moth Pale Straw Udea lutealis

Blue Tit Cool !!

Bruce said...

Good photos Graham. Clearly the blue tit was shocked to see you - you have that effect!

gwh said...

Thanks Colin .and Bruce (i think)? yours Graham

Anonymous said...

Met you in the hide this afternoon when you gave me your card. Glad I logged in to view your lovely photos, especially the close views of the Jays, which you told me were on here.