Sunday, 22 September 2013

Don't disgard plastic!

Whilst checking forums & sites for latest info, I have happened upon a video clip. This clip shows our disrespect of nature by our stupidity in discarding plastic with no thoughts.
Totally self explanatory but quite harsh, it is meant to hit home, no punches pulled.

Please don't watch if you have a weak disposition, It brings a tear to the eye of the toughest wildlife lover. It's meant to shock & will!

The rubbish washed up around the chicks is unbelievable, how much more can our planet take before we destroy everything?
The chicks know no better & clearly the area needs cleaning up before breeding starts, another example of Man needing to save wildlife from Man!

Personally I think every human being should see this sort of stuff - Maybe we might change?

An extreme situation, but we must keep in mind not to have rubbish lying around at Cromwell!

So Many, Many, thanks to our fantastic rubbish collector we have visiting us, keeping it as tidy as She can.


Bruce said...

Well said Barry. Lets hope things do change before its too late. Please everybody, start by using reusable bags.

Unknown said...

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